How it Works

The easiest way to view is from your phone.

Check the timetable on the website or Space Jams socials and head to the artist’s Instagram profile to watch their “live” video. It will all kick off at 12:55pm ACST on with Josh Morphett giving a 5 minute intro. Then he’ll plug the handle of the first performer, so you can go straight to their profile, then they’ll plug the next performer’s handle, etc. It will continue like that for the rest of the day, going from one profile to the next to the next (like going from stage to stage at a festival). If you feel lost – need not lose faith – head to the website, or Space Jams Instagram page for continual updates throughout the day.

For those wanting to view from a desktop, you can simply login to Instagram & start watching.

And for those who want to Chromecast here are instructions.


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